bg大游官网的课程涵盖七个学术部门:艺术, 英语, 体育与健康教育, 历史, 数学, 科学, 世界语言. An l形的程序 是否可以帮助非英语母语者掌握英语.

为了获得bg大游官网文凭, students must accumulate the following fifteen (15) core credits while enrolled in the Upper School:

• 历史 2 credits (excluding electives; including U.S. 历史)

我们确实鼓励学生超越毕业的最低要求, 几乎所有学生都这样做. Such explorations help our students expand the skills they need to analyze problems logically and creatively, 制定适当的解决问题的策略, 并自信而有效地运用这些策略——无论是在学术上, 艺术, 或体育运动. The School’s integrated and interdisciplinary approach to learning helps students comprehend the broad connections among subjects, 与此同时,他们正在学习各个学科的离散信息.


bg大游官网艺术系提供舞蹈课程, 音乐, 剧院, 还有视觉艺术, 每一次都是为了促进自我表达, 建立自信, 提高学生的生活质量. 我们开设舞蹈、音乐、戏剧和视觉艺术课程.

中学艺术课程加强了综合中学课程. 学生们不仅使用在其他课程中培养的技能, 但他们也要学会欣赏视觉艺术和表演艺术之间的关系.

学生s in the Upper School are required to take a minimum of two years (2 credits) of art for graduation. 艺术学分可以是视觉或表演艺术,也可以是两者的结合.

请浏览 网站的艺术部分 for an in-depth description of our philosophy and course offerings as well as links to our performing arts photo galleries.


The 英语 program incorporates an appreciation for all literary genres and a working knowledge and appreciation of literary devices, 词汇表, 和语法.

Works that have influenced the Western literary tradition are prominent; the program also offers consistent examination of ethnic, 种族, 性别, 以及西方和非西方文本的文化多样性.

Common to all grade levels is a specific approach to the study of literature that fosters careful analysis and artfully substantiated interpretation in both written and oral discussion.  注重批判性和创造性思维的技能, 学习和考试, 成功的思想交流, 文学资源的有效利用, and effective public 说话 both enable a student to achieve success in the study of literature and language and facilitate learning over a lifetime.

为了获得bg大游官网文凭, 学生必须在高中每学年顺利完成英语学习.



首先,学生熟悉历史这门学科. 学生s learn to support historical generalizations of their own making through the use of a variety of sources, 从印刷到电子,从照片到采访.

第二,鼓励学生培养对各种各样的人类经验的欣赏能力. Their studies enable them to learn that the complexity of the contemporary world results from diverse cultural and historical perspectives.

第三, students are taught to develop a balanced and enlightened understanding of the place of the United States in global history.


学习语言可以促进与其他文化的人交流, 更充分地参与国际社会, 并为在全球经济中发挥积极作用做好准备.

通过它提供的课程, 世界语言系致力于培养学生在听力方面的熟练程度, 说话, 阅读, 以及法语写作能力, 和西班牙语.  拉丁语教学侧重于阅读, 翻译, 词汇, 以及语言结构的原则.  语言文化也是语言教学中不可分割的一部分.

为了解决不同的学习风格, the Department promotes a multisensory approach and teaching methods appropriate for the students’ developmental stage. The principle of spiraling is applied to various aspects of the curriculum: knowledge and skills from one stage are recycled in increasingly sophisticated ways. 学生s are assisted in their progress through continuous feedback and the opportunity to practice.  The systematic inclusion of study and organizational skills fosters a daily routine that is integral to the cumulative effect of language learning.

Each student who graduates from MacDuffie must have successfully completed at least two consecutive years of study in one language while enrolled in the Upper School.


The 数学 program enables students to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts and to gain proficiency with the mechanics of mathematics.

The curriculum provides experiences designed to help students move along the continuum from concrete to abstract mathematical representations. 这些经验包括算术的持续发展, 代数, 几何, along with advanced concepts with a further goal of training students in the “language” of mathematics, 从而为他们将来在数学和科学方面的工作做好准备.

bg大游官网的数学课程将解决问题视为一个持续的过程, designed to help students bridge the gap between the theory of mathematics and its applications in the real world. Problems are presented in a manner that requires students to use their knowledge and understanding to resolve new situations. The introduction of historical references is designed to show students that mathematics is a human endeavor and to lead them towards a greater appreciation of the power of pure mathematical thinking.

All math classes at MacDuffie encourage independent thinking and the willingness to take academic risks.

国际和其他入选的学生进入bg大游官网的数学能力测试. 数学排名是基于考试成绩和以往的数学成绩.

P.E. +健康

The philosophy of the Physical Education program is to develop positive self-concept through a variety of movement activities and games.  另外, 合作的重要性, 努力, 准备, 在培养身体技能的同时也强调知识.  通过健全的体育课程, students will be able to develop strategies to help them appreciate the significance of lifetime activities.

体育是bg大游官网所有学生的必修课.  Participation in a competitive MacDuffie team sport meets this requirement during that particular season.  学生每年必须通过体育课才能毕业.

Please note: Any student enrolled at MacDuffie prior to Grade 11 is required to take one semester of Health in the Upper School.


科学无处不在,无处不在! Our department philosophy is to help students to recognize the relationships between scientific disciplines and to appreciate the relevance of science in their everyday lives.

Facilitating the process for students to become effective thinkers and problem solvers guides our coursework. 学会问问题, 观察, 建立对照实验, and document and interpret data all to contribute to helping our students use the tools of science to draw appropriate conclusions for themselves. The collaborative nature of scientific work is strongly reinforced through frequent group activities in the classroom. Effective written and oral communication skills are emphasized as well as research skills and the use of appropriate technology.

而高中则需要两年的实验科学, 建议学生体验所有三个主要学科-物理, 化学, 和生物学. 学生s are encouraged to continue their science learning experience and complete four years of science instruction by taking any of the department’s numerous electives.

适合对健康科学职业感兴趣的学生, 我们有一个很好的合作机会 麻省药学与健康科学学院 保证合格学生进入MCPHS.